Confessions of a Wild Child (Review by Dolce • Dolce)

Saturday, 08 February, 2014 / Published in Press
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Jackie Collins’s newest novel, Confessions of a Wild Child, will delight fans of her hugely popular Lucky Santangelo series. In this book Jackie lets us in on what made Lucky the sexy, smart charismatic woman she we meet in the first book Chances.

Jackie Collins told me, “Yes, Lucky is absolutely my alter ego – in fact she is the kind of female every woman would like to be!  She’s wild and smart and outspoken and afraid of nothing.” She went on, “Even as a teenager in Confessions of a Wild Child she’s street-smart as she discovers life, love, and rock-n’-roll.  And of course boys galore!

“Just like I did as a teenager”, added Jackie Collins.   “I wrote Confessions of a Wild Child in the first person, so the book is from Lucky’s point of view” Jackie told me.  “She doesn’t manipulate men, she just believes in equality and if a man can do it, so can she.”

Even though this book is about a teenager it won’t disappoint fans looking for Jackie Collins’ trademark insider view of lives of the rich and famous. The story takes the reader from Los Angeles to the south of France and Las Vegas with stops in Switzerland and a private Greek island. The characters that included a Greek billionaire and Hollywood starlet are all larger than life and believable because Jackie has known them all.

Confessions of a Wild Child is a delicious indulgence, like French macrons or truffles, but it won’t make you fat. I read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down. It was too much fun.

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