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Monday, 25 February, 2013 / Published in Press
Posted from The Beverly Hills Courier

Queen of the sexy blockbuster, Jackie Collins, has published her 29th page-turner, The Power Trip. The Kirkus critic praises Jackie’s “chronicling the lives of the jetsetters (intrique, scandal, ect)…keeping the action moving and the sex abundant…life in the fast lane on the open seas.”

Jackie Collins’ bestsellers have topped 500 million in sales and are translated in 40 languages. She’s back with her 29th pageturner, The Power Trip, released last week around St. Valentine’s Day. Early readers are singing Hallelujah – “Jackie delivers every time.” Badassing the rich and the powerful, the lusty billionaires and les girls. In army lingo, her characters shamelessly engage in plenty of humy-two-three-four.

Sailing to Cabo San Lucas, Russian billionaire Aleksandr Kasianenko claps hands about hosting a 30th birthday party of the century for his Cuban-African supermodel girlfriend, Bianca – on his state-of-the-art yacht named after her. To his regret, Bianca will invite only five couples for the celebration. And so it is, as we discover each guest carries naughty baggage (not the valise kind).

As always with Jackie, a gifted storyteller, the round-the-clock romps become guessing games. Who are these latest characters? A Cuban-African supermodel hot for the Russian billionaire. (Naomi Campbell?) A People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive who’s the fifty-something actor-bachelor known for revolving door girlfriends and can’t commit. (George Clooney?) An out-of-the-closet Spanish singing sensation. (Ricky Martin?) The married U.S. Senator chasing after interns (a few too many to nail down “who,” say insiders).

A hot-to-trot glitzarama of the mighty, the high and low (mobsters), The Power Trip, as with all of Jackie’s novels, “transports my readers to places they may not know, and for that I do my research..I write about real people in disguise. If anything, the characters are toned down, the truth is much more bizarre.

My theory is that people in Hollywood don’t read …they may flip the pages of Vanity Fair, and consider themselves well-read. Which is why I believe I can write about anybody without getting caught.”

Jackie’s first novel, The World Is Full Of Married Men, published in 1968, damned by a Brit author as “filthy, nasty and disgusting,” creating a scandalous sensation. That launched Jackie into the genre of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am action that fills the steamy pages of every Jackie Collins bestseller.

I’m a pop culture addict…inspiration’s all around me…a sentence in a newspaper may trigger an idea for the next novel.” Jackie makes no bones about being booted out of school at fifteen for throwing her boring uniform into the Thames.

True of false? That during her late teens she seduced Marlon Brando? So she says.

Dad Joe Collins, a theatrical agent, represented the Beatles, Tom Jones, and Shirley Bassey, who’ll perform her classic rendition of Goldfinger from the 1964 James Bond film during this Sunday’s Oscarcast.

Interviewers marvel that Jackie has seven desks. Every book is written with a blue pen in her crisply legible longhand in composition notebooks. (If only she’d conduct penmanship classes for the medics who write our prescriptions.) Her longtime personal assistant, Jennifer Daugherty transcribes the composition books into computer disks.

Soft-spoken, impressively organized, and with a comforting yet cunning intelligence, Jackie’s a wonderful conversationalist. Witness her popular appearances on the hundreds of TV chat shows.

Her sister Joan Collins, also a bestselling author (Past Imperfect), is out and about, when not working, living large here and abroad, oftenat her nest in the South of France. Joan continually invites Jackie to houseguest and join in the everyday lunches and dinners thereabouts. “Every day? For me that would be a nightmare!” sighs Jackie. Not that she doesn’t enjoy dinner and fine wine at Joanna and Sidney Poitier’s, dining with Barbara Davis, or during promotional tours in her beloved Australia (Melbourne and Perth being favorite cities).

A Beverly Hills resident who enjoys whipping up a shepherd’s pie for dinner parties, Jackie designed her stark white modernist residence and the swimming pool inspired by the artist David Hockney, who obsessed about painting California pools.

Having lost Oscar Lerman, her husband of 26 years, and her fiance Frank Calcagnini, she doesn’t mind being single. Jackie has three children. Tracey from her first marriage that Oscar adopted; Tiffany and Rory.

If I wake up one morning with Paris on my mind, who’s to stop me from picking up my passport and visiting for a day or a week,” she reflects about being alone. “Paris is a thrill forever.”

Super rich herself, the UK lists Jackie as their fifth richest author, with her wealth estimated in 2011 at $96 million.


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