Glitzkrieg: Meeting Jackie Collins (Boy Culture)

Thursday, 15 September, 2011 / Published in Press

Originally posted at Boy Culture.

It’s been a busy week, but I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the fun time I had Monday with none other than Jackie Collins.

I read Hollywood Wives as a teenager and learned an awfullot about awfulpeople…and of course about tawdry sex. I also seem to remember a scene where a slimy guy rubs hand soap under his arms to stave off stank. At any rate, it was a doozy and I’ve been partial to her ever since.

Her newest book is Goddess of Vengeance (St. Martin’s), the latest to feature her popular creation Lucky Santangelo. Like a good lay, it jumped into my arms when I entered her reception at Library Bar in  the Hudson Hotel and has been in my bedroom ever since. Invited media were treated to a signatureGoddess of Vengeancedrink (“it’s pink and delicious, that’s all you need to know!” I was told) and got to chit-chat with the 73-year-old Collins, who could not have been nicer.

As down-to-earth as she is glamorous, she approached each guest with questions for us and a willingness to answer any we may have had. Cued by a Facebook friend, I asked her if she felt the Real Housewives series owed anything to her own work and she graciously avoided saying yes. She did point out that she loves the New Jersey edition and the Orange County installments, but can’t quite get into Beverly Hills because the women are not really representative of that area. She confessed she is a TV addict with two DVRs and two TiVos in her bedroom constantly taping everything. (Later, during the Q&A, she said she’s already seen Pan Am and didn’t recommend it.)

Next, we gathered around for a brief reading. She really wanted to treat us to an elevator sex scene, but considering the short excerpt she settled on allowed her to use the word “cooze,” we weren’t complaining. Then she took questions on camera, cracking us up with her wit and handling at least one overzealous inquisitor with aplomb. This joke about her sister cracked everyone up:

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