Goddess of Vengeance Review (from Mail Online)

Wednesday, 20 April, 2011 / Published in Press

Written by Sara Lawrence.  Original review posted here.

For a couple of months Jackie Collins has been delighting her Twitter followers with snippets of information about who and what would feature in this latest addition to her oeuvre.

It’s always a major event when a new ‘Jackie’ is released and fans have been thrilled about the promised return of Lucky Santangelo, the all-time favourite Collins heroine. Yep, Lucky’s back and she’s as fabulous and fiery as ever.

Her Las Vegas casino and hotel complex, The Keys, is under threat from odious Armand, Prince of Akramshar, a small but extremely rich Middle Eastern country. He doesn’t stand a chance – or does he? Other well-loved characters Lennie, Max, Bobby, Frankie Romano and Venus also feature.

Reading this, I was struck once again by the thought that a Jackie Collins novel is an excellent template for life. Family must be cherished and protected at all costs, time and care must be put into precious relationships and kindness is usually repaid with loyalty.

It really annoys me when literary snobs deride La Collins as trashy and inconsequential: you simply can’t argue with almost 500million sales in 40 countries. Worse still are the haters who say that her sexy storylines collude with the objectification of women.

On the contrary, I’ve always found that she celebrates the brave, intelligent and strong woman – Lucky being the primary example here – who is not only bound to survive whatever life throws at her but to come out the other side having made a huge success of herself and her family against all the odds.

Furthermore in Collins’s world, men who don’t love and respect women are barely tolerated and various wife-beaters, rapists and misogynists of all stripes meet satisfyingly nasty ends.

I raced through it and was gripped from start to finish. Without doubt my best book of the year so far.

4 thoughts on “Goddess of Vengeance Review (from Mail Online)”

  1. Got this novel in london and I have been glued to it ever since…i cant wait for it to come out in the movies…..love it

  2. Hi Jackie! Us twins are dying to read your lates Lucky Santangelo novel. Long live Lucky and Gino “the Ram”…we love you Jackie, keep writing!!!!

  3. am also waiting, praying very hard dat your books get down to lagos in nigeria am yet to read poor litle bitch girl & goddess of vengeance so plz, plz jackie do your magic and ship more of your bks to lagos in nigeria. kip writting i enjoy all your bks.



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