Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins – Book Review

Thursday, 01 September, 2011 / Published in Press

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Jackie Collins brings back her heroine Lucky Santangelo in this next installment in the popular series of novels.

Goddess of Vengeance is a story of wealth, greed, love, and sex. After all, it is penned by Jackie Collins and what would a Jackie Collins book be without sex? This book brings back one of Collins’ most popular characters, Lucky Santangelo. While it is not necessary to have read the previous books about these characters, it does help to have a background of their stories, although Goddess of Vengeance does a good job of filling in some of their history.

Lucky is a powerful – and rich woman. And her daughter Maria (who changed her name to Max) has been raised in the lap of luxury. She is a spoiled girl who, in this story, learns some valuable lessons of life.

The Central Characters in this Book

Lucky, whose biggest project so far is her luxurious resort The Keys in Las Vegas. Her husband Lennie is a big filmmaker. They don’t spend a lot of time together, as he is away on location a lot and she is either in her Malibu home or her apartment in Las Vegas.

Bobby, Lucky’s son who has several successful nightclubs and is expanding his empire. He is starting to settle down with his Los Angeles Deputy D.A. girlfriend Denver Jones.

Max, the wild child who is turning eighteen.

Armand Jordan, a crazy, sex-addicted, drugged out prince from a small country in the Middle East. He has been raised in New York by his mother who left her husband the king and relocated back to her homeland when Armand was a child.

The Story

Armand Jordan wants to buy The Keys, but Lucky is not selling her property. This does not sit will with the spoiled man who insists he will get the property one way or another. He leaves NYC to go to Las Vegas with the intention of returning as the owner of The Keys. He’s in for a surprise. That surprise is Lucky Santangelo.

Max is looking forward to her eighteenth birthday and setting out on her own. She wants to move to New York, but her parents are wary of this plan. Max is still young, and up until now is a virgin just waiting for the perfect man – which she finds in this story! But being who he is presents some special difficulties for both of them.

There are plenty of side stories taking place throughout the pages of this gripping novel of lust, love, greed, and family. What comes out in the end is that family is still number one for this group.

The storyline of the Arab prince adds a different dimension to the plot. He is mired in the old-fashioned ways of the Arab world, yet he is a player in the modern world. Merging the two cultures is dangerous, as he discovers.

The glamour of fame and the extravagances of wealth are abundant in this novel as it moves along from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to New York and the Middle East. The price of fame also comes into play throughout the pages of the story.

Goddess of Vengeance is a page-turner. With so many storylines converging together, it is a book that will keep your interest from page one. If you want to read the series in order, the novels are: ChancesLuckyLady BossVendetta: Lucky’s RevengeDangerous Kiss, and Drop Dead Beautiful. The Santangelo family always provides a lot of drama and Jackie Collins has created some well-rounded characters that will either touch your conscience, your heart, or your frustration. All of them are present in Goddess of Vengeance.

Lucky is a strong character that never fails to disappoint readers. She is beautiful, intelligent, rich, and loyal. In short, she is someone that manages to come out on top.

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  1. I have read all of the Lucky books. The best ever. I was so mad that “Drop Dead Beautiful” seemed to be the last book. Then when I thought about it I knew jackie was not done with Lucky. Cannot wait to read it.


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