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Monday, 29 March, 2010 / Published in Press

Whether it was reading one of her tawdry romance novels for the first time in high school or watching a Lucky Santangelo miniseries on television, almost every woman I know is familiar with the “Queen of Steam” known as Jackie Collins. Selling over 400 million books to date, the British-born author is one of the most fascinating storytellers of scandal in our time. As the sister of Dynasty’s own Joan Collins to being seduced by Marlon Brando, she knows the lowdown dirty of Hollywood first hand and has made a successful career of it. Her new book, Poor Little Bitch Girl, is about the lives of three high school girl friends, now in their twenties and caught up in their own sordid affairs. I asked Jackie to talk to us about romance, rebellion, her style and even Twitter!

In a time where we can get a good dose of scandal anywhere: the news, reality television, and gossip blogs, what else besides tales of raunchy romps can your novels bring to someone who has never read them before?

Interesting characters. Strong females. Edgy relationships. And the real truth about what really goes on among the rich and infamous. ou are not getting the front page of a tabloid, you are getting the true stories of celebrities with their names changed to protect the not so innocent!

When you came out with your first novel, author Barbara Cartland described it as “a nasty book, filthy and disgusting” and she “hardly slept after reading it.” I can only DREAM of someone describing my writing in those words. What advice can you give to someone who wants to write?

Oh yes, talk of writing a book is easy, but actually doing it is not. So… my advice is get to it, and WRITE!

I always describe today’s technology as a double-edge sword. With sites like Twitter and Facebook, communication with anyone is literally a click away. But in terms of romance do you find that all the texting and instant messaging hinders intimacy?

Not at all. Progress is the internet, and I find communication with my fans quite inspiring. I am obsessed with Twitter (jackiejcollins). It’s so much fun!

You’ve always been a bit of a rebel, from getting kicked out of boarding school at age fifteen to being the “Queen of Steam.” Who are some other women you admire for not playing by the rules?

Angelina Jolie. Wild and wonderful. She reminds me of my favorite heroine, Lucky Santangelo. And I love Kathryn Bigelow. So talented and smart. A woman who definitely does it her way.

Can you give us your five current obsessions?

Spare ribs at Huston’s

Do you collect anything?

Books – everything from current novels to coffee table photo books – usually kind of edgy.
Bronzes of panthers and cheetahs.
Buddhas of all sizes.

I would love to take a peek inside of your closet. What are a few of your favorite wardrobe essentials?

Black pants. Black boots. Black t-shirts! My working uniform. And at night I dress it up with great original jewelry.

Can we talk about a little bit about your sexy affair with Brando or do we have to wait until your autobiography? I just want to know if he was he a teddy bear in the sack or did he throw you around like a ragdoll…?

Yes, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait!! And it’ll be worth waiting for!!

When can we expect the tell-all of your life by the way?

Hopefully next year. Working title – Reform School or Hollywood.

Jackie, I still haven’t figured out menz, I’ve even asked some of them for help! What advice do you think I should I remember when I find the hunk of my dreams?

Always remember that the pleasure you give is the pleasure you get back. Tenfold!

Last question. Will you be my fairy godmother?

Ha! Ha!

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