Interview with Jackie Collins (Chick Lit Plus)

Tuesday, 02 March, 2010 / Published in Press

Q: What made you decide to start writing?
A: I loved creating characters, and from the age of 8 I knew that’s what I was destined to do.

Q: Your novels go in depth on Hollywood and the celebrity lives. How did you start gaining the insider knowledge?
A: Because I arrived in Hollywood at 15, so I’ve had plenty of years to observe all the action. When you’re reading a Jackie Collins book you are getting the real truth, not the front page of a tabloid.

Q: I read a quote from you on your website that intrigued me. “I write about real people in disguise. If anything, my characters are toned down — the truth is much more bizarre.” Can you give just one example of a “bizarre” situation? (I’m sure you have plenty!)
A: Well, who would believe the Tiger Woods situation? If I wrote it, I’d be laughed off the page! Truth is always much wilder than fiction, and Hollywood insiders tell me everything!

Q: I have to ask a question on reality TV ‘stars.’ What is your opinion of the reality shows, and do you think the cast members of popular shows such as The Hills and Jersey Shore should be classified as celebrities?
A: Kind of fifteen minute celebrities, because once their show ends, what next?

Q: You are not only a novelist, but have produced many works as well. How were you able to get into producing?
A: I decided I wanted the movies of my books to bring my characters to life. So to gain control, when I did a deal to make a movie of my work, part of the deal included me as one of the producers. I really enjoy the producing process.

Q: I read that you are writing a play, Jackie Collins Hollywood Lies. Can you tell us more about that?
A: It’s a fun project about a pop star fresh out of rehab, whose mother has gained conservatorship and taken over her life. Chaos ensues!

Q: You have achieved so many successes in your professional life, with writing and producing and topping multiple best-seller lists. What is one your proudest accomplishments in your personal life?
A: My daughters! I have three, and they are fantastic, smart, strong, beautiful women. They are my greatest accomplishment. Then comes 27 novels!

Q: Your novel, Poor Little Bitch Girl, just came out February 9th. Where did you get your inspiration for this particular story?
A: I live in Hollywood. Inspiration is all around me! I wanted to write about a role-model career woman, and 25 year old Denver is just that. She’s feisty, great at her job as a lawyer, but also prepared to dip into the relationship scene with great gusto. ”Poor Little Bitch Girl” was so much fun to write.

Q: I get overwhelmed looking at all you do! How do you find free time for yourself and how do you spend it?
A: I am a TiVo junkie! Love relaxing while watching all my fave shows – “Dexter,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Big Love,” “Modern Family,” I could go on and on!!

Q: What would be the best advice you could offer to aspiring writers?
A: Do not talk about it – do it!!

Q: I read that you like to visit exotic locations. What would be one of your favorites?
A: Paris and some of the smaller islands in Hawaii. A city and an island. Great combination.

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