Jackie Collins’ Goddess of Vengeance (Blackout Blog)

Thursday, 15 September, 2011 / Published in Press

Originally posted at the Blackout Blog.

Earlier this week, I got the chance to attend a press event for Jackie Collins’ new novel, Goddess of Vengeance. For those of you familiar with her work, it’s part of the Lucky series. It was an intimate event with about 30 attendees (not to mention complimentary lichee martinis topped with champagne!) at the library in the Hudson Hotel.

As we gathered around for the reading, Jackie complained about not being able to find the scene that she wanted to sample for us: “I hope no one’s easily offended… I  really want to read the elevator scene, but we’ll have to go with the scene with the two hookers.”

Yeah, my kind of book.

Collins has had such a charmed life, and to hear her speak about it and her writing process was inspiring. Her warmth when she signed my book and took a photo with me seemed genuine, much more like she was happy to be greeting fans and social influencers than fulfilling yet another obligation for her publisher.

On our way out, we each got a fierce gift bag (hell, it might be my new beach tote) containing two of Collins’ previous books and a coffee mug! I only had a vague awareness of Collins’ work before this event, but I can’t wait to dive into Lucky’s salacious world!

Goddess of Vengeance is available now from St. Martins Press. Special thanks to Simone Grant for setting this up.

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