Jackie Collins Is Back With A “Vengeance”! (The MAC Wire)

Friday, 23 September, 2011 / Published in Press

Originally posted at MAC Wire.

We were lucky enough to attend Jackie Collins’ recent bloggers/press event during New York Fashion Week. She hosted 23 journos and bloggers in the Library of the Hudson Hotel on West 58th Street. She not only “meeted and greeted” with the party guests but she also did a reading from her newest book (which just happens to be her 28th), Goddess Of Vengeance, just published by St. Martin’s Press. A special Lucky cocktail was served (that’s one of Collins’ most famous heroines and the heroine of Goddess Of Vengeance, in case you haven’t followed her recently), and it was quite potent–it consisted of Skyy Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Lychee Juice and Champagne and was served in a martini glass)!

Jackie was a pleasure to speak with–she took in a couple of Fashion Week Shows including Venexiana and hung out with her British pal Barry Frost (who also lives in LA and was one of the producers of What’s Love Got To Do With It). Barry asked questions of Jackie in the question-and-answer session after her reading just like the rest of us. She got questions ranging from what book she would most like to see made into a feature film to whether she would ever do a reality series (the answers being Poor Little  Bitch Girl and an adamant “no,” respectively).  Jackie signed books for all the guests and we all walked home with a bag of Jackie Collin’s older titles in paperback and all sorts of fun merchandise (like Lucky logo coffee mugs and note pads).

Next up, the 73-year-old beauty tells us that she will be working on a Lucky-themed cookbook and said she is looking for the ultimate meatball recipe. We suggested that she try Donatella’s all-veal meatball the next time she was in town (that’s our personal favorite and also the winner of many foodie magazine awards). Hope to see you in town again soon, Jackie. We love your tales not only about writing your books but about when your husband Oscar owned the famous Ad Lib club in London back in the 60s–a hangout for the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, among other rock luminaries! Be sure to check outjackiecollins.com to keep up with this literary luminary who has been on top of the woman’s publishing field since 1968!

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