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Monday, 27 July 2015 / Published in Press

The best-selling author reveals her celeb life, Hollywood pals and personal losses

When it comes to writing about Hollywood, no one does it better than author Jackie Collins.

So it is no surprise that during her interview with New Idea, she talks about dining with Kris Jenner and Melanie Griffith, chatting with Barbara Bush and Isla Fisher, and living like a well-off bachelor.

And it’s that insider knowledge of all aspects of Hollywood that gives Jackie, 77, the perfect fodder for her fiction.

‘It’s all about clubs today,’ she says. ‘It used to be about dinner parties and people would go to toher people’s houses for screenings…now it’s all about late-night clubs were young Hollywood hangs. out.

new-idea-mag-article-jackie-collins‘I don’t think they do themselves any good because it’s like changing beds – everyone is sleeping with everyone else!’

And in her latest book, The Santangelos: Someone’s Going To Die, heroine Lucky Santangelo returns in all her glory.

‘She’s ageless, very, very smart, wildly beautiful, strong and a great mother,’ Jackie says, “And if she was going to be played on screen, Angelina Jolie should be the one to play her.’

And although she says Lucky isn’t based on Angelina, Jackie says new character, Willow Price, is based on a big-name celebrity.

‘She’s a 24-year old who was a big child star and she has a real stage mother who is asking for money, and a good career that goes to pieces because she gets too many DUIs. She hooks up with a Columbian drug lord and then a Hollywood agent who’s married,’ she says, “It’s all based on truth and the things I know go on. It’s all very scurrilous.’

But, when pressed, the glamorous insider will give nothing away.

‘No names,’ she says. ‘People are going to say she’s a little Lindsay Lohan but it could be her or Britney or Iggy. It could be any of them.’

When she’s not writing, the glitzy mum of three adult children and sister of screen legend Joan Collins, enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest movies and TV shows.

And, well known for her own sizzling sex scenes in her books, she was unimpressed with 50 Shades of Grey.

‘The film was very sanitised,’ she says. ‘There was nothing sexual about the film at all,’ says the author. ‘There was noting hot about that movie. It was beautifully shot and gorgeous locations and lovely music, but when he spanked her, you’re just yawning and thinking what’s going to happen next?’

‘If you want to see sex on the screen, watch Outlander – oh my God! Hot, hot hot!’

Jackie loves to catch up with friends, including Kris Jenner.

‘She’s an absolutely delightful woman,’ Jackie reveals. ‘People paint her as this momager who is bossing people about but she’s not that at all – she’s just a very smart businessswoman. If she was a man, she wouldn’t be criticised, but we always have to live with the double standard.’

And Jackie also ventured an opinion on Kris’ ex-husband’s transition from Bruce to Caitlyn.

‘I think it is great he’s come out in such a way that he’s not frightened of being criticised,, because the sad truth is, there will be criticism,’ she says.

“And I think it’s a little much for the children – his teenage kids – to take in. It’s a little shocking that it is so public, but I guess that’s the way he wanted to do it. At least he is out in the open, and I think it will help people.’

The author admits she’s had a very colorful life and is enjoying the place she’s in at the moment.

‘I was married for a long time, then I was engaged and now I’m single. It’s very interesting, it’s different. I do what I want to do, when I want to do them.’

But she’s also known tragedy – both her husband and fiancé passed away. ‘You have to rise above it,’ Jackie says. ‘You only have one life or maybe more because I believe in the afterlife. I just celebrate their lives. I have pictures all around and I don’t miss them because I had so many great times with them and the memories are so strong that I can think about them any time. People should think that when they lose loved ones.’

But life will slow down after a tour for her latest book. Jackie will return to her LA home, close the door and write some more.

‘When I wake up and have nothing else to do but write, I’m a happy person,’ she says. ‘I never get lonely because I always have my characters with me.’

By Marilynn McLachlan

(Reposted from New Idea Magazine)

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  1. Janet powell says : Reply

    God bless you jackie you have brought a lot of joy to a whole load of your readers we love and will miss you xx

  2. My deepest sympathy, on your sad loss,she was a wonderful and talented lady,…. My thoughts are with you all, at this very sad and difficult time,(Now in God’s Peace)

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