Jackie Collins plots her moves from Beverly Hills to the beach

Tuesday, 23 February, 2010 / Published in Press

Published in the Los Angeles Times


Jackie Collins has sold more than 400 million books in her career, and her 27th, “Poor Little Bitch Girl,” just came out this month.

“It’s about three girls who went to Beverly Hills High together, and a guy, Bobby, who is the son of my most popular character, Lucky Santangelo,” Collins said. “There’s a murder, a mysterious disappearance, a cheating senator in Washington and a woman who runs a call-girl service in New York. It’s very timely with all these cheating politicians coming out of the woodwork now.”

Collins shows up in the new Warren Beatty biography by Peter Biskind that details a torrid liaison the actor reportedly had with Jackie’s sister, actress Joan Collins. “Good book, isn’t it?” Jackie said. “Warren was quite a character. Still is quite a character. But the book definitely rings true to me, although I put a question mark beside the estimate that he’s been with 13,000 women. He wouldn’t have had time to make movies!”

Meanwhile, here’s how Jackie Collins spends her free time.

Shopping and lunching

I enjoy having lunch at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, where there’s a great ground-floor restaurant, Mariposa. I usually go with a couple of girlfriends — my business manager, Laura, and my other best friend Joanna Poitier, Sidney’s wife. We usually order the Brussels sprouts and sweet-potato French fries before anything else, then maybe a hamburger, and they also do these hot buns that are just amazing.

And then afterward, the store is a great place for gifts. I really don’t shop very much for clothes; I go to material stores and then have my dressmaker make it up.

But another of my favorite shopping places is Target. There’s a fabulous one on La Brea, and I spend a fortune because you can get absolutely everything — food, CDs, books, whatever. And they have a great stationery center with nice pens.

From Neiman’s to Target — I cover the waterfront.

With the stars

My favorite neighborhood restaurant is Mr. Chow’s; I go there at least once a week.

The food is great, I love the ambience, and you always bump into someone you know. They do an incredible chicken satay with a special sauce and a wonderful lobster shrimp and a sliced steak filet.

The best place for breakfast or lunch in L.A. may be either the Four Seasons or the Beverly Hills Hotel, where I love to hang out at the counter. They do a double-chocolate malt milkshake that’s fantastic. And then up in the restaurant they have the best chopped salad around.

Eating out in the garden at the Polo Lounge is a great place to take visitors to L.A. It’s so beautiful, you’re right in the heart of Beverly Hills, and there’s always a star or two to see.

Drifting to Geoffrey’s

I think Geoffrey’s on Pacific Coast Highway has the best view of any restaurant. It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s worth it. It’s like shedding all your worries, just sitting there and watching the sun set as you enjoy a mimosa.

But if I’m staying in town, I like two Wolfgang Puck restaurants, Cut and Spago. I’ve never had a bad meal at Spago. I love the smoked salmon pizza.

On the beach

It’s fantastic being able to book seats at movie theaters now. If you can’t go see a film at a friend’s screening room, that’s the next best thing.

And I like going to the Grove, where I can get the miso salmon at the Cheesecake Factory and then dart into the cinema.

For exercise, I like walking along the beach at Paradise Cove. I shot a wedding scene there once, so I’ve always had a soft spot for it.

And when I first moved to Hollywood many years ago, I would always go to Zuma Beach and, for different reasons, Muscle Beach in Venice. And that’s still a fun place today.

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  1. Hi Jackie.

    Thanks so very much for your up dates girl. Glad to know Poor Little Bitch Girl is really Rocking USA & of course it’s a really HOT Novel. I love to workout too & I used go to the Gym now I workout at Home, thanks to Mel B aka Scary Spice she’s really HOT. Love her DVD Totally Fit. Looking for this Novel to be in a Movie & yes your sis will look really great in it & also my favourite Actress Halle Berry.

    Hugs & Kisses

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