Jackie Collins Shows How It All Started for Lucky Santangelo (Smart Mom Picks)

Wednesday, 26 February, 2014 / Published in Press
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Confessions of a Wild Child is the prequel to Jackie Collins’ famous Santangelo novels series.

Lucky is the teenage daughter of the notorious gangster Gino Santangelo. Her mother was murdered when she was four. Since then, Lucky’s been raised by a team of nannies and servants who are finding it increasingly difficult to put up with her antics.

Lucky hates her fancy boarding school and desperately wants to be allowed to work with her father, but he’s saving the family business for Lucky’s younger brother Dario. Dario, of course, wants nothing more than to be allowed the freedom to choose his own lifestyle.

Lucky and Dario are as close as siblings can be, but each seems to be conflicted about the other’s role within the family.

I went through a major Jackie Collins phase in my late teen years, but I confess I haven’t read any of her more recent stuff. So, I was only modestly familiar with the character of Lucky Santangelo.

Online reviewers have said that the book contains too much repetition for those who’ve read other novels in the Santangelo series, but with my limited knowledge of the character I found Confessions of a Wild Child to be an enjoyable read. Lucky as a teen is likeable enough that I plan to start working my way through the Santangelo series at my local library.

Since it began as a young adult novel, Confessions of a Wild Child is a quick guilty pleasure you can sneak in while your toddler is napping or while you’re waiting to pick your son up from basketball practice. It’s tamer than her adult novels, but still has the fast-paced feel that Jackie Collins is best known for.

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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  1. i have read all the Santangelo Novels AAAmazing!! to a point where i find myself missing the characters when i am not reading im about to start on this one. excited

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