Jackie Collins Talks Sex, Glitz, Books and Lindsay Lohan (Pop Confidential)

Friday, 08 April, 2011 / Published in Press

Posted in Pop Confidential. Original post here. Her steamy, scandalous 27—count them 27— New York Times Best Sellers taught millions of fans (including a 13-year-old future Pop Confidential host Jamey Giddens) everything they ever wanted to know about sex, glitz and of course the Santangelo crime family! On today’s Pop Confidential Podcast, Jamey and Luke welcome Jackie Collins!

Collins, whose latest U.S. tome, Poor Little Bitch Girl, is out now in trade paperback, dishes about her storied career witth Luke and Jamey. She gives the dish on PLBG, the story of three sexy, brazen young women, and the man they have in common, Bobby Stanislopolous, son of Collins’ most unforgettable heroine ever, Lucky Santangelo!

Collins reveals whether she ever imagined having over 400 million copies of her sinfully-addictive books in print way back in 1968, when her first novel The World Is Full of Married Men was published in her native England.

She recalls what it was like to turn her most successful novel, 1983’s Hollywood Wives, into a miniseries for ABC with the late Aaron Spelling. She also shares how that experience differed from adapting the first two of her Santangelo novels, Chances and Lucky, into the steamy, blockbuster miniseries Lucky Chances starring Nicollette Sheridan, Vincent Irizarry, Eric Braeden, Grant Show, Michael Nader, Leann Hunley, Phil Morris and a young Sandra Bullock.

Jamey tries to contain his fan boy glee when talking about his all-time favorite fiction character, wild child mob princess-turned-Lady Boss Lucky Santangelo, leading to a discussion about the many rich and diverse character Collins has created in her books. Lucky wasn’t searching for Mr. Big, she was Ms. Big! Exactly how much research did it take for Collins to pen the sweeping, orignal book about Gino Santangelo, Chances, which critics called “The Godfather Goes to Bed”?

Collins also previews her latest Santangelo novel, Goddess of Vengeance, which won’t be released in the U.S. until Sept. 13, 2011. Can Jamey wait that long, or will he and Luke even have to with a new pal like La Collins?

When they aren’t dishing Collins’ books, the PC boys takes a few minutes to hear Collins weigh in on the current crop of real-life “Hollywood Wives”. How do they stack up to the characters in her books? Also, what advice would tragic shipping heiress Brigitte Stanislopolous, (Lucky’s step-granddaughter/stepdaughter in the Santangelo novels. It’s a long story…read the books!), give flesh and blood hot messes like Lindsay Lohan? Which hot, young starlets would Collins cast to play her and actress sister Joan Collins in a biopic of their lives? Who should play Lucky on the big screen? You’ll have to listen to one of Jamey and Luke’s favorite podcast interviews ever to find out.

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