Jackie Collins’s 5 favorite things (SheKnows)

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012 / Published in Press

Sheknows asked  Jackie about her 5 favorite things. Join in the fun:

What Does Author Jackie Collins Love?

It’s no secret Jackie Collins loves writing. Her 28th book, Goddess of Vengeance, will be released in paperback Feb. 28. SheKnows wanted to know what else she loves..
SheKnows wanted to know: What are internationally best selling author Jackie Collins’s favorite things?
  1. My iPhone 4
  2. My Jaguar car
  3. My Apple computer
  4. Teuscher milk chocolate orange sticks
  5. My collection of leather bound handwritten books

About Goddess of Vengeance

One of Jackie Collins’s most beloved characters, Lucky Santangelo is back! She returns in Goddess of Vengeance, a ferocious new novel that not only shows off the explosive, sexy glitter of the Las Vegas high life but also introduces readers to a new generation of Santangelos ready to step into the limelight — Lucky’s sexy son, Bobby and 17-year-old daughter, Max, whose youthful escapades will excite both longtime fans and those who have yet to discover the irresistible Santangelo family appeal.

Goddess of Vengeance opens as Lucky is experiencing a high point in her life, running the incredibly successful hotel and casino complex, The Keys in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, her family is also enjoying similar prosperity: husband Lennie is on a roll directing a string of well-received independent films, son Bobby is making a name for himself with a number of hot nightclubs, and gorgeous daughter Max is about to turn 18, with a seemingly limitless future in front of her. Everything seems perfect — until Armand Jordan arrives on the scene.

Goddess of Vengeance is considered by many to be the most powerful Lucky Santangelo novel yet, a book brimming with passion, revenge and power that will exceed even the most ardent expectations of Jackie Collins readers.

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