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Tuesday, 01 May, 2007 / Published in Press

Publishers Weekly

Drop Dead Beautiful (2007)

It’s not easy being rich, gorgeous, successful and a happily married mom, but Mafia princess turned Hollywood producer and real estate mogul Lucky Santangelo, last seen in 1999’s Dangerous Kiss, again proves up to the challenge. In Collins’s latest vendetta romance, Lucky plans her father Gino’s 95th birthday bash while building a Las Vegas megaresort, unaware that family foe Anthony Bonar (né Bonnatti) is plotting revenge. In turn, Anthony is unaware of wife Irma’s sexual awakening in the arms of their Mexican gardener, who in turn is unaware of Irma’s affair with a federal drug enforcement agent. Meanwhile Lucky’s 16-year-old daughter, Max, tells her parents she’s with friends when she’s really headed to a rendezvous with a man she meets on the Internet. That date provides the novel’s fast-paced action, while Irma provides the novel’s best sex and violence. Less gripping subplots include the on-again off-again relationship between Lucky’s business partner, Alex, and his jealous girlfriend, as well as the off-again on-again romance between Lucky’s best friend, the diva Venus, and her star-stud boyfriend, Billy. Collins delivers Lucky’s usual mix of celebrity fantasy and godfather justice while Max promises to grow up in future sequels as troublesome and triumphant as her glitzy mom. (June)
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  1. Each of Ms. Collins books is better than the last. I must wait until tomorrow to start “POOR LITTLE BITCH GIRL” or I will read all night long.

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