Tampa Bay Magazine Reviews The Power Trip

Wednesday, 06 February, 2013 / Published in Press

The Power Trip

Jackie Collin’s New Blockbuster Novel

By Heather Richard and Aaron R. Fodiman

Jackie Collins, the sister of film and television star Joan Collins, has always been a writer. She sold her first works to girls at her school, who were in awe of her ability to spin a yarn. Never predictable, each of Jackie’s books weaves interesting characters into stories filled with human emotions and unusual circumstances. In The Power Trip, Jackie continues her tradition of construction a story that totally absorbs the reader as she leads them through the tale. In this book, supermodel Bianca receives the perfect present from her billionaire boyfriend for her thirtieth birthday – a cruise to the Sea of Cortez on a luxurious new yacht. Their guests, a group of power-hungry celebrities are eager to escape the pressures of their elite lifestyles. Unfortunately, the trip is spoiled when a Russian mobster holds the ship hostage to seek revenge for his brother’s murder. The Power Trip is a captivating portrayal of the rich and famous that delivers on adventure, humor and fun. Every page is infectious, as the characters divulge their innermost thoughts and keep the reader lusting for more.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jackie Collins is the author of twenty-eight New York Times bestselling novels, which are available for purchase through jackiecollins.com, Amazon and other popular booksellers.

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