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Like her, love her, or loathe her, you cannot escape the literary juggernaut that is Jackie Collins. For decades, Collins has been as important a part of pop culture as sitcoms, stand-ups, and the soda industry. Perhaps more over. Can you, for example, imagine the ’80’s – the epic time of the television miniseries – without the quintessential Jackie Collins or Danielle Steele mini? C’mon!

I like to think that those readers who are in the category of Jackie haters, haven’t read her stuff. It’s easy for me to see that viewpoint, ’cause I was once there. Folks, I get it. You’re not picking up Hawthorne or Austen. Never once, though, has Jackie Collins tried to pass herself off as such. But, you are getting a reflective, well-written yarn that is worthy of your hard-earned ducats.

Millions of fans can’t be wrong, can they?

Collins is a solid writer. The characters she paints are also gloriously defined, and we instantly like or loathe them. Too, there’s a sort of prestidigitation to her works. It’s not unusual to see art imitating life, but Collins seems to predict and shape the popular culture. Chances are, if you’ve read it in a Collins book, look out Hollywood.

Her current book, Poor Little Bitch Girl, is a load of fun. If you’ve not read it, you can follow the link below. That’s your homework assignment…right after reading this interview with Ms. Collins. I got the chance to ask the hard questions, you know, like leopard print…

The Authors Speak: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. You’re a legend, to be sure. My first question…you’ve shattered so many records. Your following is unparalleled. Your fans long for more Lucky Santangelo. How have you kept it all going for well over four decades?

Jackie Collins: Because Lucky is a kick-ass woman and I love writing her. She says all the things women would really like to say, and can’t quite get away with. So Lucky does it for them! My readers adore Lucky.

TAS: In 2007 you released the sixth Lucky Santangelo – at the time, I believe, it was intended to be the last Lucky book. Your last release, Poor Little Bitch Girl, featured a cameo by Lukcy and prominently featured Lucky’s son, Bobby. Have the fans been begging for more, more, more?

JC: Oh yes! Out of every four fan letters, two are begging for Lucky to come back. So now she’s back in “Goddess of Vengeance” and more interesting than ever!

TAS: I’m sure it’s an asked and answered question, but Poor Little Bitch Girl mirrors a lot of things happening in the headlines (as Dick Wolf masterfully would say: “Ripped from the Headlines”). How much of the day-to-day newspaper headlines fuel the work you do?

JC: I seem to get in front of the headlines and write it first. In “Goddess of Vengeance” I have a total Charlie Sheen character and I wrote it way before his latest scandal! I find truth is always stranger than fiction, so I’m a popular culture junkie and keep ahead of everything.

TAS: This year, you’ve got the long-awaited return of Lucky Santangelo. What can we expect from Goddess of Vengeance?

JC: Sex. Action. More sex. More action! And all my readers fav characters are back! Lucky and Lennie, Max, Bobby and Denver, Frankie and Annabelle. And my latest bad boy villain – Armand Jordan.

TAS: I’m hoping we’ll see Bobby again in Goddess. Has he entered the annals of Jackie Collins fan faves?

JC: Yes! Women love Bobby. He really is perfect. Tall, dark, handsome, a great lover, funny, rich and a loyal friend. What more could anyone ask?

TAS: Your career has spanned from 1968 and shows no signs of stopping. More impressive than that, you’ve always remained on the edge (and oftentimes ahead) of technology. You’ve embraced Twitter, Facebook, all the social media outlets. What is the one thing you miss about the biz and the one thing you just cannot live without these days?

JC: I love embracing the social media. My Twitter and Facebook fans are the best. They are interesting, well informed, and I love our exchanges. I can’t live without my iPad and iPhone. The best! And of course TiVo. I am a T.V. addict!

TAS: Too many people criticize your books – and I tell them, “Shut up and read them, why don’t you!” Sometimes, art imitates life. I can see themes and issues in your past fiction, that are now celebrated as reality television. Does that at all shock you? Does it make your work feel more relevant?

JC: My biggest critics are the people who’ve never read me, and when they do they say – “Wow, but it’s such a great story!” Reality T.V. is a mirror into people’s egos.

TAS: My biggest issue with modern television is the absence of the “Movie of the Week” or the “Miniseries Event”. A staple – one I looked for ward to – was the Jackie Collins miniseries. Do you miss those days? Any inkling of a resurgence of a new Jackie Collins miniseries?

JC: Oh yes! I would love to have another mini-series on T.V. Had so much fun making them, and all four of my mini-series got mega ratings!

TAS: What group do you want to inspire the most with your words?

JC: I inspire myself. And I write strong women, so I inspire women to be more assertive.

TAS: Who are you most inspired by? Who keeps you going?

JC: My family. I have three amazing daughters who have managed to stay out of the spotlight. They are my best friends.

TAS: One quote attributed to you is: “My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.” Really? Be honest, can you ever really wear too much leopard print?

JC: Love it! But right now I’m giving it a rest ‘cause everyone does it!

TAS: The obligatory: Besides Goddess of Vengeance what’s next for Jackie Collins?

JC: New play I have written – “Hollywood Lies.” Photo book of photos I have taken over the years – “Hollywood Snaps.” “The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook.” And a new novel “The Power Trip” … and my autobiography “Reform School or Hollywood.”

There you have it, kids. No inkling of slowing the pace even a little. I truly hope that I’m still cranking out books when I’m in my seventies. Follow the link below to order her new book, and keep your eyes open for Goddess of Vengeance, coming later this year.

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