Jackie Collins on “MORNINGS”

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  Jackie Collins chats about “The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook” with the hosts of “MORNINGS” in Australia.

“A Whirlwind Winter . . .”

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Home at last!  It seems as if I have been everywhere launching my latest novel, CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD.   And let me tell you it has been fun and arduous and exciting and most of all cold!  Who’s idea was it to publish CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD in February when the U.S. has been

‘The Grill’ on ‘Today Channel Nine’ in Australia with Jackie Collins, Lisa Wilkinson and Jeri Halliwell, hosted by Karl Stefanovic.

Jackie talks about her new book “Confessions of a Wild Child” with Lisa Wilkinson on ‘Today’ Australia.

My 30th full-length novel has just been released in the UK/Europe/AU/NZ. It’s called Confessions of a Wild Child and it’s all about my favourite character, Lucky Santangelo! You know she’s smart, fun and knows how to get what she wants, but have you ever wanted to know what Lucky was like as a teenager? Well let’s just

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Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of chick lit novelists who aren’t talented enough to dust Jackie Collins’ stack of writing pads… in the NEW new media capital of the world, St. Petersburg, Florida! Originally appeared in Mr. Media   By Bob Andelman The first time Jackie Collins was a guest on

Originally appeared in Galaxy National Book Awards UPDATE: Click here to watch Jackie’s acceptance speech video. A Jackie Collins novel is an excellent template for life. Family must be cherished and protected at all costs, time and care must be put into precious relationships and kindness is usually repaid with loyalty…Jackie celebrates the brave, intelligent

Jackie’s interview with Abiola Abrams from AbiolaTV.com. They talk about her spicy new Lucky Santangelo novel, “Goddess of Vengeance.”

Jackie on KTLA Morning Show

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Jackie talks about her writing process and her new book “Goddess of Vengeance” on KTLA.

Fun interview by Cat D. Acree from Bookpage.com. Jackie talks about kicking butt and taking names.