Blast From The Past!!! Jackie Interviews Anna Nicole Smith

Wednesday, 02 August, 2000 / Published in Videos

3 thoughts on “Blast From The Past!!! Jackie Interviews Anna Nicole Smith”

  1. Wow Jackie! That was sad watching Anna. She was truly a natural beauty and had such an inner beauty as well. She was so bubbly and her personality just sparkled! I think she may have died of a broken heart from losing her son Daniel but I still wonder if there was a little foul play.

    Jackie, what do you think happened to Anna and her son? What made you decide to interview her?

    Being from Dallas,Texas (lived there 30 yrs) I have been through Anna’s home town Mexia, Texas many times on the way to Houston/Galveston. Mexia is a tiny town where everyone knows everyone and they all are in each others business. I hate those types of towns! I prefer being a city girl!

    Ericka Church
    @Bookluv1 on Twitter

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