Blast From The Past!! Jackie Interviews Marlee Matlin

Friday, 26 May, 2000 / Published in Videos

Marlee Matlin did not win Celebrity Apprentice, but she’s a winner in my book!  Stunningly beautiful, smart and razor sharp, she is a classic example of a strong woman who has allowed nothing to hold her back.

Here is an interview I did with Marlee way back.



2 thoughts on “Blast From The Past!! Jackie Interviews Marlee Matlin”

  1. marlee is an insparation to many of us, she has shown me how not to let things over come u, u over come them. the father of my girls left me deaf from one ear with a single blow and it was so hard to get used to it. god gave me a gift and he took it from me; how do u deal with something like that i would say. but i soon googled marlee and read that this happened to her at 18months and she did it:] then after i saw her on C.App and i heard that she was playing for a charity that helps the deaf, she became my insparation!! between her and Lucky i can take over the world!!! have a Lucky day:)

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