Blast From The Past!! Jackie on “AM Chicago” With Oprah!

Saturday, 03 March, 1984 / Published in Videos

Oprah.  What can I say?  The legend.  The icon.  The woman.

And I was lucky enough to know her when…

It was so much fun appearing on Oprah’s show when she was the gracious host of “AM Chicago.”  What a trip!  She was always in charge, always warm and wonderful.  And we had ourselves a blast…



3 thoughts on “Blast From The Past!! Jackie on “AM Chicago” With Oprah!”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jackie. I am the biggest fan of both you and Oprah so I loved seeing two fabulous, fun, and strong Power Houses together.

    Congratulations on all your success and on the longevity of your very exciting and fruitful career! You are such an inspiration for women, especially for aspiring female writers.

    When does your autobiography come out? I remember you talking about “Reform School or Hollywood”. You know your fans can hardly wait!

    Also, what would you say are your favorite movies as well as your favorite books – the ones which inspire you and your writing? Similarly, who would you say are your favorite film stars / celebrities / public figures / icons? Who and what inspires you?

    All the best Jackie,

  2. This is Truly a Fantastic Interview Jackie. Thanks a lot for sharing it & WoW it was back in 1984!. I was only 7 years old. I enjoyed reading LUCK, Chances & yes my favorite one Lovers & Gamblers. Hope you’ll bring Al King back. You sure Rock The House Jackie. Keep Up the Excellent work.


  3. I loved this video, I can’t wait for more videos, I love watching them plus I can not wait for your autobiography as I know nothing about you at all. And I can’t wait for the next 27 books. xx

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