Blast From The Past!!! Jackie On “The Tonight Show” With Johnny Carson!

Monday, 27 August, 1979 / Published in Videos

Hey everyone,

Today I am posting a very special Blast from the Past from way back.  It is me on “The Tonight Show” with the great and fabulous Johnny Carson.  This is one of my first American T.V. interviews, and I was so lucky to get a shot on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny.  He was charming, funny, generous, and thoughtful.  I had a terrific time.  Let me know what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Blast From The Past!!! Jackie On “The Tonight Show” With Johnny Carson!”

  1. Thanks a lot Jackie for sharing this with us. My first novel to read LOVERS & GAMBLERS. Love this novel a lot & wish you would bring Al king & Dallas back again.

  2. Jackie,

    The interview w/ Johnny Carson was very entertaining. Considering you are one of the greatest writers ever, you were a gem on his show! Your books tell it how it is in Hollywood…and the world. Keep writing! You look great too — then and even better now!!

  3. What a great clip.I love Lovers&Gamblers,it´s one of my favorite books of yours.What you talked about in the interview is still true today,that´s what I find chocking.And Johnny did a poor job of pretending he wasen´t that kind of guy himself.But you did great.Love your looks.

  4. Hi Jackie,

    I am a huge fan of yours – I think you’re absolutely fantastic and so inspiring! A strong, successful (and oh so glamorous!) power-woman who has been on top of her game for so long (and is still going strong!). Talk about longevity!

    I love the “Blast from the Blast” videos (and any interviews of you) which you post. I love your attitude: you seem to have so much fun with what you do and have so much passion for it.

    All the best,

  5. So funny! You look incredible Jackie! (And still do!)
    Johnny Carson was the best at what he did..The sly looks to the camera, his self-depreciating charm, Love you both!

  6. Thanks for finally posting that! Loved it.

    Can you, in the future, post your other appearances on The Tonight Show? I remember times in the 80s when you were on there with Joan Rivers.

    Good luck and thanks for posting that!


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