Blast From The Past!! Jackie Interviews Larry King

Wednesday, 02 August, 2000 / Published in Videos

Hey everyone –
May I present another Blast from the Past interview, this one I conducted with Shawn and Larry King in happier times. Interesting interview – watch it carefully in view of what is going on in their marriage today. Hmm… looking forward to your thoughts on this one!

More soon,

2 thoughts on “Blast From The Past!! Jackie Interviews Larry King”

  1. Dearest Jackie,

    Thanks a Million for this amazing Interview with Larry King & Shawan. I was so shocked that he married 6 times! & now married for the 7th time. Lucky him & some guys have all the luck. I… See More’m never married & still waiting for Prince charming to come to my life. Wow he writes for the newspaper. I love his shows a lot. I guess age is just a number & I’m glad when he said about being married for the first time, he felt different. There is Love, Passion, Lust, Respect, Friend & Understanding. I wish someday I’ll get someone like that. You Rock girl. Looking forward for the next one. Blast from the Past.



  2. WOW! Jackie, that interview is ten years old and you look exactly the same! Fabulous genes Lady!!
    As far as this couple, you could see her hesitation from the begining, I wonder if she was playing him? You never know……..

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