Blast From The Past!! Jackie Interviews Sly Stallone

Wednesday, 20 September, 2006 / Published in Videos

Hey everyone,

Since Mr. Stallone, or Sly as his friends call him, recently had the number one movie in the country, I thought it might be fun for you to see what a charming, funny, self-deprecating, and very attractive man he actually is.  Hence my latest Blast from the Past Video, recorded around four years ago.  I like Sly a lot, he’s a Hollywood icon with humor and street smarts.  A rare combination.



4 thoughts on “Blast From The Past!! Jackie Interviews Sly Stallone”

  1. Thanks a lot Jackie for sharing this clip with us. I love Sly Stallone acting & I hope to watch the Specialist. Hope to get on You Tube. Looking forward for more clips.<3

    Your loving fan from Oman,


  2. Ohhh this is just fabulous!!! I sooo needed a great pick-me-up today…and you and Mr. Stallone came thru with some serious fabulous-ness!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Two Truly Inspirational People Wishes — D. D. Scott

  3. Thanks Jackie for a great interview with Sly. My husband Frank who passed away from lung cancer loved all the Rocky Films. While in the hospital that is all he would watch. I think the story lines gave him hope and strength for just that one more day. Mary

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