VIDEO: Jackie Talks “Goddess of Vengeance”

Monday, 27 June 2011 / Published in Videos

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  1. Samira says : Reply

    Thanks a lot for posting the clip Jackie. Right now I’m reading Goddess of Vengeance & I’m LOVING IT.

  2. Margaret says : Reply

    Just want to know if or when the first 3books in the lucky series will be available via Kindle??

  3. Debbi says : Reply

    I can’t wait! Thanks for the clip and all the great books you’ve keep bringing us, I Love Lucky!!!

  4. Nancy says : Reply

    Halfway through and a little upset that Steven is forgotten when Gino and Lucky are talking about the son he never had. Thought he would be there for Max’s birthday or him and his daughter mentioned. It’s like he no longer exists.

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