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Wednesday, 26 February, 2014 / Published in Press, Videos

Jackie Collins has written 30 books; her latest is “Confessions of a Wild Child.”

If you watch enough of these celebrities interviewed on TV — and I do— you realize they make the rounds of the different shows and give the same safe, canned answers some publicist or agent told them to say. They get the word out about their latest project, but we, the viewers, see the same tired interchanges.

But oh, if more interviews could be as entertaining as author Jackie Collins’ was with “You & Me This Morning.” Collins is in town to promote her 30th novel, “Confessions of a Wild Child,” which is centered around probably her most popular character, Lucky Santangelo.

Collins told “You & Me” readers tell her they like the sex in her books because it’s “fun, erotic, and the kind of sex everybody wants to be having.” When it was suggested she started the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon, she begged to differ. “My heroines kick ass. They don’t get their asses kicked,” and followed that up with, “If you need props you’re in trouble.” Well, alright now!

The Los Angeles-based author said she used to come to Chicago a lot to do “Oprah before she became Oprah,” shrugging while adding, “then [Oprah] found literature,” dragging out the word literature in a hilarious and snarky fashion.

She said she had some Chicago-style pizza since arriving this time, eating it with a knife and fork. But that’s how she rolls; she eats spare ribs with a knife and fork too.

Lucky Santangelo — the subject of 10 of her books as well as two miniseries Collins wrote for NBC — is kind of based on her, she said she finally realized. “Boys, sex, rock ‘n’ roll — that’s pretty much me,” Collins said, joking that after boarding school didn’t work she was shipped off to Hollywood where she did “research,” she said with a wicked grin: “You have to know your subject and I write raunchy books.”

Before she left, she reminded viewers, “Girls can do anything,” and I think the feisty Collins is proof of that.

— Sue Ontiveros

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