Jackie Collins: What I Read (The Wire)

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Reposted from The Wire How do people deal with the torrent of information pouring down on us all? What sources can’t they live without? We regularly reach out to prominent figures in media, entertainment, politics, the arts, and the literary world to hear their answers. This is drawn from a phone conversation with Jackie Collins,

Be sure to check in for updates on more Jackie Collins appearances.  You’ll see her later this month on “BETHENNY”, as well as “VERIA LIVING”–air dates will be posted on the APPEARANCES page soon.


Reposted from Wall Street Journal Jackie Collins, 76, is author of 30 novels, including “Hollywood Wives” and “Lucky,” part of her series on the Santangelo family. Her latest novel is “Confessions of a Wild Child” (St. Martin’s Press). She spoke with reporter Marc Myers. My house in Beverly Hills was inspired by a David Hockney

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Reposted from The Los Angeles Times Author Jackie Collins still has the steam engine chugging. Her newest novel, “Lucky: Confessions of a Wild Child,” released last week, is a prequel to the Lucky Santangelo books and centers on the treasured heroine during her formative teen years — the book has already landed a film deal with

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Reposted from Smart Mom Picks Confessions of a Wild Child is the prequel to Jackie Collins’ famous Santangelo novels series. Lucky is the teenage daughter of the notorious gangster Gino Santangelo. Her mother was murdered when she was four. Since then, Lucky’s been raised by a team of nannies and servants who are finding it increasingly

“A Whirlwind Winter . . .”

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Home at last!  It seems as if I have been everywhere launching my latest novel, CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD.   And let me tell you it has been fun and arduous and exciting and most of all cold!  Who’s idea was it to publish CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD in February when the U.S. has been


Thanks to all that attended and I got to meet in person! Hope you like “Confessions of a Wild Child.”


My sister, Joan Collins, and I were on the New Year’s Eve Graham Norton Show with fellow guests Frank Skinner and Michael Buble.


Jackie at the Warren-Newport Public Library in the Chicago area.  

A Write Royal Occasion (OK! Magazine)

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Reposted from OK! Magazine JACKIE COLLINS ENJOYS HER DAY AT THE PALACE AS SHE IS HONOURED BY THE QUEEN  REPORT: LAURA BENJAMIN   The racy antics of her characters have captivated millions of readers, but best-selling novelist Jackie Collins was on her best behaviour when she was honoured by the Queen last week. The 76-year-old

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