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Jackie Collins is one of the world’s top-selling novelists. With over 500 million copies of her books sold in more than 40 countries and 32 New York Times bestsellers to her credit, she is known for giving her readers an unrivaled insider’s knowledge of Hollywood and the glamorous lives (and loves) of the rich, famous, and infamous!

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Jackie’s Last Letter to Readers

How fitting that the woman who held Hollywood’s deepest secrets, kept her own Stage 4 Breast Cancer diagnosis quiet for the past six and a half years. Jackie was determined to live her life fully and without limitation. She wrote about strong women, because she was a strong woman, and believed that girls could do anything ... she certainly did. To you, Jackie’s loyal reader, we thank you for the tremendous joy you brought to her life. She loved writing for you, and it was her love of family and writing that kept her vibrant and driven to the very end.

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The Wall Street Journal
" Impossible to put down. "
" The Godfather goes to bed. "
Heat World
" There are no better bedroom (or any other room, for that matter) scenes than in a Jackie book. "

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What Fans Are Saying

  • Sending Love from Australia! Never will I get sick of reading your book over and over. Please keep ’em coming! XX

    Tina Ricketts
  • Hello, Mrs. Collins. I was introduced to your books in 84′ by a friend when I was stationed overseas. He was going on about this book called Chances. I finally read it and I see why he was so crazy about the book. I just love they way you write; it’s hard to stop reading. Before reading Chances; I really didn’t read books. I would read magazines. I’ve read about all of your books. I was 18 when I saw your picture I thought you were an attractive lady. After I read your books; you had a fan for life. It would be an honor to have an autograph from the author who started me to read books again. You’re the best!!!! Nothing compares 2 u!!!!! You keep writing, I’ll keep reading!!! Thanks!!

    Herbert White
  • Your books are so amazing! Every time I get one I cant put them down. You are my favorite author keep them commin!!!!

    Monica White
  • Dear Jackie,


    Thanks for posting this form on your website! I am very excited to receive my autograph from such a truly talented author and amazing person! I am very grateful that you are doing this for your fans!

    Michael Dapos
  • Hello Ms. Collins! I am a huge fan of your books, and have been following your career for quite some time now! Have loved reading all of your novels and works over the years, and have a collection of all of your books and projects! Would treasure an autographed photo from you!! Best to you always, Jackie; and keep up the great work! Hope you’ll continue writing for many years to come!! Thank you!! Sincerely, Mark Lenczewski

    Mark Lenczewski


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