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Ahead of its time. Daring. Riveting, revolving storylines transported me through generations. Heartbreaking, hilarious and hot. Lucky is a feminist heroine. This page turner would make a great movie!

Kris Ellenberg, Amazon Review

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Synopsis of Chances

Lucky, Lady Boss, Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge, and Dangerous Kiss…Jackie Collins’ sizzling Lucky saga all began with CHANCES.

The book that made Jackie Collins one of America’s favorite authors sweeps you from the sophisticated playgrounds of Europe to the glittering gambling palaces of Las Vegas. It plunges you into the reckless, dangerous world of the Santangelo crime family. It introduces you to Gino Santangelo, the street kid who makes it all the way to the top. And then brings you Lucky—his sensual, stunningly beautiful, and passionate daughter; a woman who dares to win her father’s empire for herself; a woman unafraid of taking…CHANCES.

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12 Responses to “Chances”

  1. Charlyne Sheena Vivanco says : Reply

    This book was utterly great!! I hardly ever wanted to put it down! Lucky’s character is something/someone I definitely look up to. Her character is great!! As well as Gino and all the others! Amazing thing about your books is that I feel that the characters are real. As though I’m witnessing and going through the situations they go through when I find myself commenting outloud while reading! My grandmother recommended Drop Dead Beutiful for me to read. I didn’t know that it was the last book of this sequal so about a month ago she lent me Chances. I went and bought my own copy and I couldn’t stop reading it. Great book! Can’t wait to buy and read Lucky next! Thank you for writing this book! 🙂

    • Nina says : Reply

      Chances by Jackie Collins is a raw story of young Gino (the Ram) and his difficult climb from a dirty kid on the streets to a well known millionaire. Later in the story Gino’s children are introduced, Lucky and Dario: two opposites who have equally opposing opinions about their father’s business and philosophies. In a book like this, character development plays such an important role. Since dialogue and setting are those of a typical life-story, you need to know the characters and have the ability to be them, to feel everything along with them. The anticipation of running from the cops, the confidence of a status, and the fight to be independent as it masks the underlying desire for a father’s affection.
      Charlyne Sheena Vivanco, I agree with your reaction to the strong presence of the characters. I couldn’t put the book down either-in fact I found it take away form my schoolwork! I think that was the easiest way to dive into the book; connecting with Lucky and/or Gino. I also adore her style of writing. Very real, blunt, and yet it brings out the irony in life. “The next day America declared war on Japan. America declared war. And she was a whore again.” (Pg 137). This was just after Carrie went back into the whore business, happy to have a job, yet not so excited that it was such a dirty one.
      I’d recommend this book to anyone craving an escape from their world and a fresh point of view. You learn that you’re not indestructible, but if you fight, you can always win. My absolute favorite part of the entire story was the drama of Gino and Leonora. I was sooo hopeful that they would run off, get married, and have little Gi-onora babies. And then she turned into a drunk and let herself waste away?! I was shocked. All throughout their romance my heart rose with Gino’s, and fell with Gino’s. Oh, and he learned to write for her!! How lovely is that?! I was jealous of her situation. Why couldn’t Gino fawn over me night and day? But that is the hardest lesson to learn as a reader. As wonderful as the characters are, no matter how much you wish they were real, they must stay in the prison between pages for someone else to enjoy.

  2. David says : Reply

    The Santangelo saga begins. Gino Santangelo, the crime boss with a heart. Lucky Santangelo, his untameable and ambitious daughter. Chances is the story of Gino’s rise to power and wealth. Chances is also the beginning of Lucky’s story. Grand storytelling and a thoroughly engaging read. Jackie makes reading fun. Thanks Jackie. Your the best.

  3. Oleg Azariev says : Reply

    Very much I love a series about Lucky Santangelo. Dynamical plot. Fine reading.

  4. Lubwama Steven says : Reply

    Hello Jackie Collins, i am your reader from Africa, i look at Gino as a motivational character, not as such in crime but the whole setting shows that someone can make it despite where you come from ie family background, the determination to fight on and to work smart is a key factor to success

  5. rosakelley says : Reply

    When will Chances be available in E Book? For the kindle or Nook?

  6. WC says : Reply

    Where can I get Changes and Lucky on the Nook?

  7. Mary N says : Reply

    Hi Jackie, I’m not much of a reader until recently I decided to make it a habbit to read a book a month. I found that most books are really boring and I was praying to find one that can give me the same excitement like most good movies. Then 3 weeks ago I came across your book (Chances) at the local library, after reading the first chapper I couldn’t put it down. My husband is on the road right now to the book store looking for the rest of books on Lucky. He’s not much of a reader but he’s a movie fanatic, we can’t wait to see the movies. Thank you for being such a brilliant writer…xoxoxox

    P.S I finally found my favourite writer.

  8. taj says : Reply

    read some of jackies books & found ’em rili fascinating & superb!!!i just wonder when wil her e-books be available..i love CHANCES & LUCKY!!!

  9. Wendy says : Reply

    This was the very first book I read of your’s over 25 years ago. I have been captivated by your writing ever since. Through the years I have acquired and read all of your books, with the Santangelo’s series my favorites. Looking for Chance’s in hard cover if I can find it. Just wanted to share how much I have enjoyed and look forward to each new book. Just got “Goddes of Vengeance” today for my birthday!!!

  10. Liza Roman says : Reply

    I want to start by saying that Jackie is DA BOMB!!! I read Chances back in the 80’s riding the Nbr 5 train from the Bronx to Wall Street and I was hooked from page 1!! 20 yrs + later.. I just finished reading The Power Trip and after all these years, girlfriend is still got that spice we’re all looking for! Jackie, you rock mama!!!!

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