Hollywood Divorces

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Hollywood Divorces

The novel catapults into bloody tragedy and, later, of course, eternal happiness, as Collins once again delivers a patented Pollyanna ending.

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Synopsis of Hollywood Divorces

Collins uses her insider’s knowledge of the Hollywood scene to bring life to their stories of lust, scandal, and sweet revenge…Leaving her readers to guess which real celebrities she has used as models for her fabulous characters

In her most scandalously titillating novel since the #1 bestselling Hollywood Wives, internationally renowned author Jackie Collins once again takes her readers behind the scenes and into the bedrooms of Hollywood’s glamorous world of super-stardom, where narcissism is a virtue, and fidelity means not sleeping with anyone less attractive than your spouse.

Principal among the characters that make Hollywood Divorces so compulsively readable are three strong, unforgettable women who find themselves walking the treacherous pathway that inevitably leads to divorce.

These are classic Jackie Collins women — beautiful, sexy, and determined to get things done their way — succeeding in spite of the odds.

Shelby Cheney, 32. The raven-haired beautiful Shelby — a talented film actress — is married to Linc Blackwood, a macho movie star with a yen for hard booze, nights out with the guys, and plenty of other women. Shelby continues to put up with his infidelities, because only she knows the tragic secrets of his past.

Lola Sanchez, 24. A sexy Latina superstar, Lola climbed to the top the hard way. As an unknown, Lola encountered Linc Blackwood at a party and spent the night with him. Now that she is a superstar, he fails to remember their long and steamy night together, infuriating Lola, who has revenge on her mind. Currently she is married to Matt Seel, a tennis pro who she wed on the recommendation of her advisers in an effort to distance herself from the real love of her life, Tony Alvarez, a brilliant Latino movie director with a drug habit he can’t seem to break.

Cat Harrison, 19. Blond, independent, a hot writer/director with a wild-child past, she has a hit movie, a rock star husband, and an amorous and powerful studio mogul determined to make her do things his way or not at all. But Cat is not a girl to be pushed around, and Cat has big plans of her own — plans that will surprise and shock everyone.

Divorce — Hollywood style — has never been more fascinating, for no one has ever before offered so revealing a look. The result is delicious fun.

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7 Responses to “Hollywood Divorces”

  1. rissy says : Reply

    stayed up all night to finish this novel and enjoyed every minute of it!

  2. Füssen Hotel says : Reply

    Wonderful read – Thanks!

  3. Arlene says : Reply

    Love Jackie Collins! What a great read! I was hooked from day 1 couldn’t wait to finish it. Couldn’t stop thinking about the storyline.

  4. Ele says : Reply

    an awesome book!! i cant explain how great it was to read it. Looking forward to read other book and very glad to find some new author !

  5. Anke says : Reply

    in the middle of reading it ….
    its impossible to put down haha

  6. Katie says : Reply

    WOW WOW WOW, what an AMAZING read! i love books like this that have several different stories all into one! read in two days, couldnt put it down!

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About Jackie

Jackie CollinsThere have been many imitators, but only Jackie Collins can tell you what really goes on in the fastest lane of all.

From Beverly Hills bedrooms to a raunchy prowl along the streets of Hollywood; from glittering rock parties and concerts to stretch limos and the mansions of the power brokers — Jackie Collins chronicles the real truth from the inside looking out.

Jackie Collins has been called a “raunchy moralist” by the late director Louis Malle and “Hollywood’s own Marcel Proust” by Vanity Fair magazine. With over 500 million copies of her books sold in more than 40 countries, and with some thirty New York Times bestsellers to her credit, Jackie Collins is one of the world’s top-selling novelists. She is known for giving her readers an unrivaled insiders knowledge of Hollywood and the glamorous lives and loves of the rich, famous, and infamous! “I write about real people in disguise,” she says. “If anything, my characters are toned down — the truth is much more bizarre.”

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